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Armin Meyer, MD

For several years I have been seeing Elisa May for massage therapy. She is trained both as a massage therapist as well as a physical therapy assistant, and is very active in several sports disciplines. Her massages are not only thoroughly relaxing, but one can tell that she has a deep understanding of functional anatomy and exercise related musculoskeletal issues.

When I had a more persistent shoulder injury she realized that I would need further therapy and referred me to Brett for a course of PT with excellent results. Now Elisa and Brett along with Samantha have combined their talents at Greenville Fitness and Rehab. Here the focus is as much on regaining health through physical and massage therapy as it is on maintaining health through various exercise classes including Yoga, Pilates, and high intensity work outs, personal training, and restorative massage.

Health is always something one works towards, a work in progress, rather than an achievement one can be satisfied with, and GFR definitely deserves being called a “Health Center”. I love going for a run on the swamp rabbit trail and then rewarding myself with a wonderful massage before topping it off with a healthy salad at the swamp rabbit cafe next door.