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Anna Cleaver

I am excited for the opening of Greenville Fitness & Rehab and am looking forward to returning to the US in 2013 to see the new facility.

Sam Smith is one of the best massage therapists I have been treated by. As a professional athlete, it is incredibly beneficial to have someone like Sam that understands that the stresses you are putting your body through (on and off the sport field) have an impact on your needs from a massage therapist.

Sam’s magic hands have treated me through injury, through training blocks and through racing periods. Her approach is one where she listens to her clients needs and works with the body not against it to achieve results (you won’t leave the massage table feeling beaten and bruised!). Sam’s skills as a massage therapist are complimented by what she offers clients in the form of core strength training, again designed to be specific to your needs.

For anyone in the Greenville SC area, or planning a trip to this great town for your cycling or triathlon training, I highly recommend not just one visit to Sam, but book in some regular sessions and your body will thank you with improved results.