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Peggy Ambler


Human physiology has always interested Peggy. An early beginning in gymnastics was the catalyst that influenced her love of movement and career in physical therapy. Peggy has 16 years experience providing therapy to clients with a wide variety of needs in all the body systems.

She received her 230 hour teacher training with Karen Noonan at Yoganize in 2012, and simultaneously studied Sivananda Yoga with Bruce Cable. Peggy will begin the yoga therapist 500 hour program with Asheville Yoga Center in November 2013.

Practicing yoga now for 27 years, she explains that yoga is different than a sport…it is not just a way of moving… it is a way of life.
With breath leading the way, she strives to demonstrate proper alignment and provide gentle adjustments to protect both beginner and experienced yoga students in their journey.

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