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Sports & Orthopedic Massage

This field of massage is very interesting to us, and we really enjoy the challenge of solving a puzzle. Sports massage traditionally implies working with athletes or active people, and that means knowing how to keep people moving and doing what they love. It could be as simple as pre-event warm up or a post-event flush, or as complicated as deep tissue work and strategic stretching. Often times we combine sports massage with performance and injury taping to get the best results for our clients. All in all, we have successfully been working on and assisting athletes and active people for more than a decade.

The orthopedic side of massage is more specialized. It requires more training, more thinking outside the box, and more of an ability to see the body as a moving unit and apply problem-solving techniques. Think of this as the mechanical engineering side of body work. This is the fascinating stuff, and what makes us strive to constantly learn more.

We pride ourselves in building relationships with top-level practitioners in all fields, so we can better learn from each other to help our clients. We have learned from some of the best, and we put that knowledge to use with all of our clients.

Sam’s 20-year background as a Fitness Trainer and a lifelong athlete has provided a unique understanding of the human body and how it works. These extra skills and experiences definitely make for better massage therapists in this field.