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Oncology Massage

Cancer is a terrible disease, and the side effects from the treatment can leave a person feeling really awful. They can include joint pain, nausea, tiredness, and an inability to sleep well.

Massage has been well documented to bring relief to all kinds of aches and pains, and much research has gone into specific training that is safe for cancer patients. Therapists who go through oncology massage training are taught how to deal with chemo and radiation, ports, incision sights, lymph node removals, the effect of increased circulation on the lymphatic system and how to bring pain relief without further compromising a weakened immune system.

Sam was trained in oncology massage through the Society for Oncology Massage in 2014, and she and Elisa continue to work with cancer patients regularly. They are currently seeking additional training in the specific area of scar tissue work. This can be particularly helpful for breast cancer patients who end up having limited range of motion due to scar tissue after breast surgery. We’ll keep this space updated when training is complete!