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Katherine Whitwell

Born and raised in Clemson, SC, she learned as a teenager how to feel the tension spots and tight muscles by massaging her friends and family. She enjoyed helping others through giving massages.

Katherine attended Northland International University in Dunbar, WI and received a Bachelor degree in Piano Pedagogy. At Northland, she played on the Women’s Soccer team and learned about overcoming sport’s injuries and the importance of massaging and stretching.

Her love for massage therapy culminated in graduating from the Greenville Technical College Massage Therapy program in August 2014.  She is very experienced with Integrated Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, and her sports focused work with Clemson University Athletics and Greenville’s Swamp Rabbits Hockey team have helped her gain an intimate understanding of Sports Massage Therapy techniques. She has completed extra course work in Medical/Treatment Massage through MyoKinesthetics, and in 2017, she secured a performance taping certification from RockTape to better assist her clients with temporary sprains, soft tissue injuries, edema, hematoma and post-surgery and athletic recovery.

Most recently, Katherine has focused her professional continuing education on assisting clients with a more compromised system. Her Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) certification and integrated stretching course work have added to her abilities to assist a more varied client base. With a combination of active and passive muscle movement, trigger point therapy and stretching, she can help alleviate pain and restore muscle healing. Ultimately, her goal is to assist clients through the rehabilitation and healing process to have a better quality of life.

She has over 10 years of experience teaching piano, and she currently teaches as many as 20 students part-time. Katherine has a strong commitment to healing and has been known to use her qualifications and knowledge in assisting a medical team in Guatemala. She has a love for the outdoors, sleeping on the beach, reading, arranging music and enjoys learning new things. Her friends and family are important to her and she enjoys spending time with them.