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Katherine Whitwell

Born and raised in Clemson, SC, she learned as a teenager how to feel the tension spots and tight muscles by massaging her friends and family. She enjoyed helping others through giving massages.

Katherine attended Northland International University in Dunbar, WI and received a Bachelor degree in Piano Pedagogy. At Northland, she played on the Women’s Soccer team and learned about overcoming sport’s injuries and the importance of massaging and stretching.

Her love for massage therapy culminated in graduating from Greenville Technical College Massage Therapy program in August 2014.  While in this program, she took the opportunity to work with Clemson University’s athletes.  She is experienced with Integrated Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue and completed her externship at Greenville Fitness & Rehab.

She currently works on Tuesdays and Fridays at Greenville Fitness & Rehab.

As a part-time piano teacher, she is currently teaching over 20 students. She has a love for the outdoors, sleeping on the beach, reading, arranging music and enjoy learning new things. Her friends and family are important to her and she enjoys spending time with them.