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Momentum Bike Clubs

Several of us at Greenville Fitness & Rehab are passionate bicyclists, and we believe in sharing this passion with others. Elisa is a mentor for the Berea Middle School Spinners, one of the Momentum Bike Club after-school programs that aims to positively impact the development of youth (ages 10-18) through mentoring relationships, cycling, and youth development support (internships, youth seminars, trips, and workforce development). Through the program, students are given the chance to interact with mentors in a fun and inviting environment.

The underlying philosophy of Momentum Bike Clubs is anchored in Positive Youth Development, an intentional approach that engages youth within their communities in a manner that is constructive and affirming youth assets and strengths. It also promotes positive outcomes for youth by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and offering consistent support to build on their leadership potential. Elisa rides with the Berea Middle School Club once a week, and occasionally accompanies them on adventures and experiences off the bike.

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