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Classy Place

During the construction process at the new Greenville Fitness and Rehab facility, we have been very impressed with the work that Juan has been doing. He continues to stress that this is going to be a “classy place” and we love the pride he takes in making sure that all the construction is being done right.

When thinking about his classy comments, we have realized that we can’t just decorate the building with any old furniture. No, we need some pieces that stand out and match the quality of the work we’re going to do. We need furniture that is as professional as we are in our disciplines. That’s why we decided to have a custom reception desk made for the main space.

It sounded like an awesome project to tackle, but I was only willing to take on the job with the help of my handy, dandy wannabe contractor buddy, Chad. The two of us set out to make a first class reception counter that fit our needs and our budget. We have been hard at work crafting one heck of a desk that will be one of the first things you see when you walk in the door. We thought we would share a couple sneak peak photos of our work in progress.

The front will have lots of shelves for retail display.
That butcher block top is awesome!
There’s storage room behind the counter as well.

It’s looking awesome and we’re super proud of it! We can’t wait to show everyone the finished product. Why don’t you stop in and check out our handy work sometime in January?

By Steve Baker

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