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Classes Designed to Get You Fit

“I’ll come to that class when I get fit enough to come to that class.”no_excuse

Have you ever heard that statement? I’m pretty sure you have. More importantly, have you ever uttered those words yourself? I hope not! This is one of the most frustrating statements I hear and I hear it way too often. It’s a silly statement. It’s a lazy statement. It’s a lame excuse and it doesn’t make any sense. Let me explain.

I know some group fitness classes are challenging. That’s what makes them worthwhile and beneficial to the participants. However, the classes are designed to GET you into shape. They are intended to progress you from your current state of fitness to a higher level. How high depends on several factors from your effort level to the class type itself, but that’s not really my point.

StartToday1My point is that you don’t have to already be in shape to take a class that’s intended to get you into shape! Do you see the circular logic here? You should use the class to get into shape. Skipping classes because you’re not in shape is pretty silly. Come to class and sweat it out with the rest of us as you progress towards your ultimate fitness goal…being “in shape”. We’re all on a journey and group classes are a great way to share the trip with others.

Time for ActionOk, I know there are some classes that can be a little intimidating. Thursday night’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class here at Greenville Fitness & Rehab for instance is pretty challenging. But that shouldn’t scare you off. The class is designed to help you participate at whatever level you can. Like all good professional trainers, Samantha Smith creates the workouts to be scalable based on your personal fitness level. If you’re super fit and want to add a new dimension to your training, you might be able to start off with slightly harder moves from the get-go. If you’re a beginner, you can do the easier moves (or less reps, lighter weight, etc.) until you build up the strength, flexibility and balance you need to do the harder ones.

Truthfully, everyone should start off conservatively regardless of your fitness level to help adapt to the exercises avoid unnecessary injury. The basic point is that everyone is already fit enough to start on their journey to better fitness. We go to these classes because we’re all progressing towards a fitness goal that we haven’t already attained. The class IS the path to get fitter.

push-upsSo, stop using “I’m not fit enough for that” as an excuse for not coming to group fitness classes. Use the classes to work yourself into shape, because that’s the whole point. Stop making excuses and start getting fit with us. And, if you’re friend utters that infuriating statement, “I’ll come to that class when I get fit enough” tell them they should start immediately and demand 10 pushups on the spot.

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