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Are we there yet?!

We’re getting so excited about moving to our new space.  So is everyone else, it seems!  The question that everyone asks us is “is it done yet”?  Well, no, but it’s getting close.

I went in yesterday to meet with the guy who’s going to put in our awesome sound system.  SCI Electronics are installing our sound and televisions, and making them easy enough for us to use with the touch of a screen.  Scott Daniel explained the set-up to me so even I could understand it.  (I have a love/hate relationship with electronic equipment.  I love it, it hates me).

The construction team are doing a great job.  They’re putting the finishing touches to the walls, finishing out our kitchen / office area, and finished the hand-railing on the front entrance.

When I went in today, they had almost finished laying the flooring in my massage room.  It looks better than I imagined!!

The guys will be in there working again tomorrow.  We’re hoping to have the keys by December 20th, and they have quite a bit to do.

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