Armin Meyer, MD

For several years I have been seeing Elisa May for massage therapy. She is trained both as a massage therapist as well as a physical therapy assistant, and is very active in several sports disciplines. Her massages are not only thoroughly relaxing, but one can tell that she has a deep understanding of functional anatomy […]

Jenn Gilroy, MD

Elisa, my thoughts on the bio psychosocial approach to mind and body has led me to you and has helped both myself and my patients tremendously over last 10 years. As you know most imbalance in the body will present as injury or weakness leading to chronic ailments – medications can only offer a small […]

Neil Browne

Core and strength training with Sam has taken my fitness to another level. Not only has my chronic back and hip pain been virtually eliminated due to the combination of massage therapy and strengthening but my cycling fitness has also improved. Thanks to Sam’s training and massage expertise I have not felt this fit in […]

Jeff Milham

I am a 57 year old male that is extremely busy with family and career. I was referred to Samantha (Core strength personal trainer) by the physical therapist who worked with me after my second back surgery. That was almost two years ago and it was one of the smartest things I have done to […]