Reality Based Self-defense

November 5, 2013 @ 1:00 am – 3:00 am

Women's self defense

Terence Brister (“T”) is a former USMC/DOS Diplomatic Security Officer. Former State Police Officer. Former DOS Security Contractor. Self-Defense Instructor. AFPA Certified Trainer Specializing in personal training, sports specific conditioning, pageant physique, youth fitness, senior programs, and coporate wellness. Core business is Womens Reality-Based Self-Defense Course Instruction and Fitness Training. One one one, buddy system, or group.

Women’s Reality-Based Self Defense Course offered at Greenville Fitness & Rehab :

This extraordinary course is designed to educate, train, and empower women to survive violent attacks. The mindset, skills, techniques, and scenarios are designed especially for women and girls. No fitness level required and all techniques are proven, simple, effective, and easy to retain. The goal is to equip you with the skills needed to gve you the confidence, and ability to defend yourself from a determined attacker, and get to safety. Of course, self-defense should be used as a last resort and should be used responsibly.

This course is a must for any woman or girl who has decided to take full responsibility for their own personal safety. This course could possibly save your life or the life of a loved one. Each course consist of 6 sessions that last approximately 1.5-2.0 hours in length. The initial course will include mindset, drills, techniques and practical application in a safe and controlled environment. After course one is complete, you will have the option of continuing your reality-based training by enrolling into course #2 an so on. Each course will lead you to advanced levels and increased ability. The professionalism and the system will have a profound effect on your life. After completing the courses you will have increase awareness, proven fighting and defense skills, a stronger body, a clear understanding of violence, an understanding of motives and mindset of the attacker, increased body image, increased self confidence, improved decision making if confronted with violence ar threats, and the increased ability to avoid, detect, or survive an attack.

Tuition for this unique course is $150 for group $225 for buddy system and $360 for private one on one. You have the option of hosting your own private group training for friends, family, co-workers or corporate events that build camradarie and lasting friendships. Currently the course if offered on mondays at 8 pm in the main studio. Please bring a friend and invite other to join at same cost. This course is a must for any female and would also make a great girls night out event. Course is paid for in full at initial session and the benefits are endless.

Equipment: fitness attire, athletic shoes, towel and bottle water. It is suggested to wear workout gloves. Please leave jewelry home and inform instructor of illness, limitations, surgery, etc. Safety is our priority. This course is a must. Sign up now and reserve your space. Space limited and classes filling up quickly.

Day course will become available upon request. Men’s course available very soon!

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